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Verified provider of dental CPD

DentalVets are a provider of verified dental CPD in the UK. We also provide lectures and clinical instruction for veterinary schools. Below is what DentalVets can do for your practice.

How big a group is ideal for such a course?

For practical/wet lab course we book a maximum of four vets or six nurses. Mixed VN and vets groups are possible but we do not generally advise this as the courses are different. We also advise you only to include staff that wish to progress in dentistry. They will learn well and happily and, having become converted, can pass on knowledge to others in the practice. For PowerPoint type seminars there is no limit on number but fewer people actually learn tactile skills. 

The facilities required?

We provide everything necessary for individual or small group work. This includes a high-speed/low speed dental unit, a dental x-ray machine, CR digital scanners and an excellent selection of sharp hand instruments.

The time that would have to set aside?

Our foundation courses last a full day and start the previous evening at 6.30pm. All of our other CPD courses last a full day. If you require more information or wish to be added to our waiting list, contact our practice manager Jo Barron. Larger staff seminars can be run from our lecture theatre.

Other Advice 

Our advice is for you to clearly think through what you want from dental CPD. We advise that you consider the basic skills first. For vets, these are good, competent periodontal disease treatment, charting, flap surgery, surgical extraction techniques, and dental radiography.

For nurses the content is similar with the exception of the oral surgery and extraction modules in line with the RCVS guidelines of 2003 with regard to Schedule 3 interpretation. Separate modules are substituted including equipment care and maintenance, dental clinics set-up and peri-operative support.

Dental radiography is the key to advancement - without it you have no idea what 70% or more of the tooth is up to. This means that diagnosis, prognosis and treatment planning is guesswork at best. We aim to ensure this skill is obtained early in the day so you can use it in diagnosis and treatment planning in the afternoon wetlab.

Dental Radiology Course

We run a one day course on dental radiology twice a year. Spaces are limited to 24. Please fill out our form below to express an interest/book. This course is a day of combined theory and practice including small group work using conventional and handheld dental x-ray generators and CR digital scanners with PSP phosphor plates. Other digital methods (DR sensors) and conventional film will be discussed and demonstrated. Cases and interpretation will also be included.

For more information download our leaflet.

Radiology Course Leaflet

Future CPD Courses

Course Date Price excluding VAT Price including VAT
Feline Course - FULLY BOOKED Oct 2019 1000.00 1200.00
Radiology Course 14/11/19 180.00 216.00
Vet Foundation Course TBA    
Nurse Foundation Course TBA    


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