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About Us

Providing a high quality, dedicated dental and oral surgical referral service

DentalVets staff have provided a high quality, dedicated dental and oral surgical referral service for companion animals and zoo species for nearly 30 years.

We guarantee our clients and their animals outstanding service in dentistry and oral surgery: The clinical director (NJ) is the only veterinary surgeon in the world to be registered as a specialist in the UK, Europe and North America. He is also the only UK veterinary dentist to have been awarded the Fellowship of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (FRCVS).  

Our aim is to treat your animals as if they were our own and to provide you with practical advice allowing you to make an informed decision as regards treatment for your pet. Our emphasis is primarily on comfort and function for your pet. If a treatment is not in the best interest of the animal we are not likely to advise it. Clinical outcomes of cases are strictly monitored to ensure a high degree of success. 

What is an RCVS recognised specialist and why would your vet refer your case to us?

To achieve specialist status a veterinary surgeon requires:

  1. A relevant post-graduate qualification to at least diploma level. 
  2. To be acknowledged by national and international peers in the area of specialisation.
  3. To participate in national and international meetings.
  4. Be clinically active and available for referral by other veterinary colleagues.
  5. Contribute to the discipline by publishing, reviewing, lecturing, training, mentoring, examining and serving on committees.

To remain on the specialist register of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons and the European Board of Veterinary Specialisation, a specialist has to apply for renewal of their status every five years. This confirms to veterinary colleagues and the public that the person continues to remain active and at the forefront of their field. Specialist status is withdrawn if the individual fails to meet stringent criteria. Dr Johnston is certified until 2023. 

As of 2017 there are currently only eight RCVS specialists in all species veterinary dentistry in the UK. Norman Johnston is also one of 26 European recognised specialists and 145 American specialists. 

We have our own dedicated dental and oral surgical clinic in North Berwick, near Edinburgh and are also a major education provider in the UK, both to veterinary schools and, via post-graduate courses and webinars, to veterinary surgeons and nurses in practice. Our teaching models have been developed over twenty years and are in use all over the world. We are a registered training centre with both the American and European Veterinary Dental Colleges with senior and junior residents in place.