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DentalVets was founded in 1997. Our activities are confined solely to oral and dental conditions in companion and zoo animals. We provide clinical referral services to veterinary surgeons and their clients' animals from our premises near Edinburgh. All cases need to be referred from a veterinary practice. Our clients and their pets travel to us from as far south as Lincolnshire and as far north as the Orkney Islands. We are able to assist with suggestions for pet friendly accommodation, if required.

Pet owners can be assured that all cases are supervised by a residency trained veterinary surgeon in veterinary dentistry. All cases we see must be referred by your own veterinary surgeon. After treatment has been concluded here, your own vet will continue to provide general veterinary care for your pet. We also supply dental advice and treatment to zoos, private collections and animal charities in the UK and abroad.

A core activity for us is veterinary dental education to veterinary surgeons and veterinary nurses. We organise and run regular surgical and dental radiology wet labs. These are highly practical, often with as few as four delegates.