Ingrid Tundo

Veterinary Surgeon

Ingrid Tundo - Veterinary Surgeon, Head of Maxillofacial Surgery
Ingrid Tundo Dipl EVDC MRCVS EBVS® RCV Specialist in Veterinary Dentistry Veterinary Surgeon, Head of Maxillofacial Surgery

Ingrid graduated from Milan University in 2014. She moved to Swindon (UK) in 2017 and joined the Eastcott Referral Dentistry team, where she started her full-time residency program. She is especially interested in maxillo-facial surgery, congenital abnormalities, and advanced head imaging. In 2020, she moved to Scotland to start a new position as a senior lecturer at the University of Edinburgh, where she founded the Dentistry and Maxillofacial Surgery Department. Motivated by her passion for Maxillofacial surgery, she joined DentalVets in 2022 as the head of the Maxillofacial surgery department. She teaches many national and international dentistry courses. Ingrid has a cat called Miso and a Whippet called Bagel; she loves spending time with them.